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Specialized products for cafes, bars, restaurants and public catering establishments. There are high quality products in "Astoria" range for HoReCa that comply with European standards. "Astoria" professional products allow chefs and suppliers to meet the changing preferences of the customers, to preserve the novelty and attractiveness of menus and recipes in a world of ever-changing tastes. "Astoria" is always five stars!



ASTORIA® mayonnaise is one of the most popular and indispensable ingredients for many dishes! It has classical balanced taste and thick consistency. It envelops the ingredients equally, contributing to economical consumption. It is not separated from vegetables in a salad, it has high penetrating properties. ASTORIA® range is represented by mayonnaise products of different fat content - 78%, 67%, 57%, 50.5%, 40%, 15%.
ASTORIA «Provansal N» 78% mayonnaise High-calorie mayonnaise for professional use: from baking to decorating. It is perfect for the preparation of various kinds of salads, rolls and sushi, dishes with thermal processing, cold sauces and sandwiches in public catering establishments.
ASTORIA «Provansal N» 67% mayonnaise Classic high-calorie mayonnaise with a fat content of 67%, it is a traditional product for HoReCa. It is a universal seasoning for salads, meat, fish, vegetable dishes. It complies with the requirements of GOST 31761-2012.
ASTORIA «Provansal N» 57% mayonnaise Professional mayonnaise with a mass fat content of 57%, it is an optimal ratio of price and quality. It is an indispensable ingredient for many dishes. It complies with the requirements of GOST 31761-2012.
ASTORIA «Provansal N» 50,5% mayonnaise The product for professional use with a low fat content reduced to 50.5% in an economical package is a competitive offer with the taste of classic mayonnaise.
ASTORIA «Provansal N Postny» 50% mayonnaise Provansal Mayonnaise is a classic mayonnaise sauce for lenten and vegetarian dishes
ASTORIA «Provansal N» 40% mayonnaise sauce Medium-calorie mayonnaise sauce with a mass fat content of 40%  is a quality product at the best price. It complies with the requirements of GOST 31761-2012.
«Nezhny» «Ekonomny Provansal» 15% mayonnaise sauce Low-calorie mayonnaise sauce with a mass fat content of 15%. It softly emphasizes the taste of cooked dishes due to its lightness, and its specially designed recipe will gently envelop each ingredient in the salad. It complies with GOST 31761-2012.


ASTORIA frying fats are high-quality fat products for professional use on the basis of vegetable oils. ASTORIA liquid and solid frying fats are universal for roasting of most diverse ingredients in deep-frying and in a frying pan, they ensure the absence of foaming and splashing, smoke and smell of frying, they have a low percentage of absorbency to the product.
ASTORIA К800 liquid fat for deep drying Universal fat for frying of a variety of products in deep frying and in a frying pan.
ASTORIA «Fritiurny» K400G cooking fat ASTORIA «Fritiurny» K400G cooking fat is a solid product of professional frying oils group


ASTORIA non-specialized margarines of MT brand are suitable for baking any flour, confectionery and bakery products, as well as for cooking of different dishes. The products have an even golden crust, pleasant taste and aroma with ASTORIA fat products!
ASTORIA «Stolovy» М680 40% margarine "Stolovy" M680 universal low-fat margarine is intended for the preparation of culinary, flour, confectionery and bakery products in public catering establishments, as well as for the industrial production of flour, confectionery and bakery products.
ASTORIA «Stolovy» 82% margarine ASTORIA «Srolovy» 82% margarine is a universal margarine of MT brand for baking and cooking. It is suitable for any (including those requiring margarine whipping) flour, confectionery and bakery products

Ketchups and Tomato paste

ASTORIA «Tomatny» ketchup Ketchup is one of the most famous and popular sauces in the world. It is traditionally used with second courses and side dishes, and also as the base for pizza sauce, as a component of marinades and meat sauces. Tomato ketchup is produced in a large economic package especially for HoReCa segment.
ASTORIA «Tomatny» (dip pot) ketchup Classic ketchup with mild and rich taste of tomatoes with spices. It will make any meat dish more appetizing!


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