Oilseeds and Grain Operations

NMGKis a vertically integrated corporate group that unites oilseed and grain elevators, oil extraction facilities, processing and distribution. Vertically integrated business model is what allows NMGK to control the quality of our raw resources and select only the best sunflower seeds to become high-quality sunflower oil.

The Oilseeds and Grain Opertaion Department is a unique business structure within the Group, which deals with oilseeds procurement, conditioning, and oil extraction, as well as sales and distribution of the products: sunflower oil and sunflower meal.

To learn more about our products, contact us at iug@nmgk.ru.

Business Locations

The Oilseeds and Grain Operations business unit coordinates the functioning of eight purchasing facilities and three oil-extraction facilities, that form two agricultural clusters in the south and the east of the sunflower-producing regions of Russia. The NMGK Group purchasing facilities (oilseed and grain elevators) and the extraction facilities (oil-extracting factories) are located in the Volga and the Southern federal districts of Russia.

Among the oil-extraction factories, the Sorochinsk facility stands out. Started up in 2015, the factory is among the most modern oil-extraction facilities in the country, also possessing one of the highest capacities in the industry. The combined production capacity of the two NMGK oil-extraction factories exceeds 700 000 tons yearly.

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We are always happy to have new partners - suppliers of agricultural products. We purchase agricultural raw materials, and we provide elevator services. If you cooperate with us, you choose the cooperation with one of the industry leaders. Our facilities have modern equipment, they are automated and they have quality laboratories. Learn more about what we offer our clients.



NMGK sales sunflower oil and high protein meal.

Sunflower oil

Crude sunflower oil in bulk complies with GOST R 52465-2005
Purchasing details: +7 (831) 275-66-48

Sunflower oil of LLC “Sorochinsky OCP”

Sunflower oil of LLC “Sorochinsky oil crushing plant” production complies with GOST1129-2013.
Purchasing details: +7 (831) 275-66-55

Sunflower meal of JSC “Uryupinsky OCP”

Sunflower meal of JSC “Uryupinsky OCP” production complies with TU 9146-402-00334534-2004
Purchasing details: +7 (831) 275-68-20

Sunflower meal of LLC “Sorochinsky OCP”

Sunflower meal of LLC “Sorochinsky oil crushing plant” production complies with GOST 11246-96.
Purchasing details: +7 (831) 275-66-29


Purchasing details: +7 (831) 275-68-20


Customer support: +7 (831) 275 47 00
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