ASTORIA «Fritiurny» K400G cooking fat

General Purpose

ASTORIA «Fritiurny» K400G cooking fat is a solid product of professional frying oils group


  • Does not splash, does not foam, does not produce smoke at 180 °C
  • Does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste on the product
  • Does not crystallize on the product after frying
  • Does not transfer the smell of the previous product to the next one during frying
  • Stable to oxidation, and, consequently, it has low level of products decomposition
  •  Stable to polymerization processes

GOST 28414-89 
The product complies with TR TS 024/2011 

Mass fat content: 99.7% 

Shelf life and storage conditions

  • from -20 °С to 0 °С incl — 12 months.
  • from +1 °С to +18 °С incl — 9 months.
Refined deodorized vegetable oils: palm oil fractions (including modified ones), sunflower oil, palm oil, antioxidant (E319, E330)


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