ASTORIA «Provansal N Postny» 50% mayonnaise

General Purpose

Provansal mayonnaise is a classic mayonnaise sauce for lenten and vegetarian dishes.

  •  Actual replacement of traditional mayonnaise for usual and favorite dishes for the period of lenting
  • Optimal for improving, completeness of taste of lenten and vegetarian dishes
  • It is as close to taste and color as possible to classical mayonnaise
  • Manufactured according to the recipe on the basis of only vegetable ingredients, without animal products

Trade mark: Astoria

GOST 31761-2012
The product complies with TR TS 024/2011, TR TS 021/2011

Shelf life and storage conditions: from 0°С to +6°С — 120 days, from +6°С to +18°С — 90 days.

Nutrition value of 100 gr of the product: fats — 50g.

Energy value: 1940 kJ/470 kcal.


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