The line for the production of "Stepanovna" packaged roasted sunflower seeds is launced at Samara fat plant
14 February 2018
On Wednesday, February 14, an official inauguration of the line for the production of packaged roasted seeds took place at Samara fat plant (part of the group of companies "NMGK").
New products in the range of bar soap - block package and "Detskoye na travakh" toilet soap
29 January 2018
At the beginning of February 2018, several novelties appear in the range of bar toilet soap produced by NMGK: the range of products in block package under "Dushistoye oblako", "Moy malysh" and "Retsepty chistoty" brands is expanding, a new range of baby soap appears – “Detskoye na travakh” in 90 g pack.
"Ryaba" "Provansal classichesky" mayonnaise received European quality mark - DLG gold medals
18 January 2018
Ryaba "Provansal classichesky" mayonnaise (200g and 410g packages) complies with high European quality standards according to the test results of German Agricultural Society (DLG) and it is awarded with gold medals.
Stepanovna supports Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo” hockey club
9 January 2018
Healthy snacks "Stepanovna" brand (manufacturer - group of companies "NMGK") became a sponsor of "Torpedo" hockey club (Nizhny Novgorod) in KHL 2017-2018 season. Now the fans of "Torpedo" will be able to see bright "Stepanovna" in all home games of our team!
Sandwich sauce — new product in Astoria range
29 December 2017
A unique new product - Sandwich Sauce, created specifically for sandwiches and snacks preparation appeared in December in Astoria sauce range.
Astoria cheese sauce — now in XXL format!
29 December 2017
The group of companies "NMGK" announces the launch of new products in the range of mayonnaise sauces Astoria - "Cheese" sauce in XXL format.
Ryaba Provansal mayonnaise became the winner of the program "Kontrolnaya zakupka"
29 December 2017
Today, on December 29, TV program "Kontrolnaya zakupka" was broadcast on the Channel One. Provansal of Ryaba brand became the winner according to the results of independent survey of mayonnaises!
“New Year is where Sdobri is!” advertising campaign is launched
27 December 2017
In December 2017, a new New Year advertising campaign of "Sdobri" brand is broadcasted. New Year's greetings " New Year where Sdobri is" can be seen on regional TV, in the Internet and social networks, as well as outdoors. "Sdobri" brand gets the whole family together at the same table, which is especially important during New Year holidays, which we traditionally spend with our closest and dearest people.
Group of companies "NMGK" spoke about the projects on improvement of environmental efficiency of Nizhny Novgorod production site
26 December 2017
On Tuesday, December 26, at the soap plant of the group of companies "NMGK" (Nizhny Novgorod), a new air purification system of general exchange and emergency ventilation was launched.
Group of companies "NMGK" launched an information resource about Delicato coconut oil -
25 December 2017
The group of companies "NMGK" invites to visit a new site of the Delicato brand, dedicated to our unique product for healthy eating - coconut oil.


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