ASTORIA «Provansal N» 78% mayonnaise

General Purpose

High-calorie mayonnaise for professional use: from baking to decorating. It is perfect for the preparation of various kinds of salads, rolls and sushi, dishes with thermal processing, cold sauces and sandwiches at public catering establishments.

The product complies with TR TS 024/2011, TR TS 021/2011


  • Specially developed professional recipe
  • Has a special rich taste and a thick consistency
  • Maintains its characteristics and "body" during baking - resistant to high temperatures
  • Perfect for dishes decorating - forms a "cap" and keeps the shape
  • It is not separated from vegetables
  • It has high enveloping ability, contributing to economical use

Sunflower oil, water, vinegar, egg yolk, emulsifiers (sorbit, tween), glucose syrup, thickener - xanthan gum, salt, sorbic acid preservative, "Mustard" flavoring, sweeteners (E950, E951), colorant - carotene.


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