ASTORIA «Stolovy» 82% margarine

General Purpose

ASTORIA «Srolovy» 82% margarine is a universal margarine of MT brand for baking and cooking. It is suitable for any (including those requiring margarine whipping) flour, confectionery and bakery products (butter biscuits, short products, cakes, oatmeal biscuits, sugar biscuits, hard-dough biscuits, crackers, gingerbreads, dried biscuits, soft ring-shaped rolls, bagels, loaves, rolls, buns, cream-filled pastry, etc.), as well as for the preparation of various culinary products.

Benefits of ASTORIA margarines:

  • It gives coarse porosity, friable structure, smooth golden crust, creamy taste and aroma to finished products
  • Whipping coefficient is less than 0.6 (i.e. margarine with a high degree of whipping)
  • Reduction of the density of whipped mass by 10%
  • Possibility of additional flour introduction* (up to 20%) without deterioration of the rheological (structural and mechanical) characteristics of the dough and the quality of finished products**

* from total weight of flour

** from the recipe according to GOST

GOST R 52178-2003
The product complies with TR TS 024/2011, TR TS 021/2011 

Shelf life and storage conditions: from -20 °С to +20 °С incl — 12 months 

Mass fat content: 82%

Nutrition value of 100 gr of the product fat — 82g
Energy value: 3092 kJ/738 kcal.

Deodorized vegetable oils (including modified ones), water, emulsifiers (E471, E475), edible salt, acidity regulator (citric acid), identical to natural "Butter" flavor, colorant (E100, E160b)


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