ASTORIA К800 liquid fat for deep drying

General Purpose

Universal fat for frying of a variety of products in deep frying and in a frying pan

It complies with TR TS 024/2011


  • Technological (convenient for dosing) consistency.
  • Absence of foaming and splashing.
  • Long time of usage of fat for deep frying with multiple loads of frying products.
  • Absence of smoke and smell of frying in the premises due to high smoking temperature.
  • High economic efficiency of production due to increased resource of use and less fat absorption in the product.

Shelf life and storage conditions: from -20°С to +20°С — 12 months.

Nutrition value of100 gr of the product: fat — 99.7 g
Energy value: 3690 kJ/900 kcal.

Refined deodorized vegetable oils: sunflower oil, palm oil fractions, emulsifier (E471), antioxidant (E319, E330), antifoaming agent (E900).
Kind Net mass Number of individual packages Multiple package Quantity per pallet* Bar code
BiB 10 l 9.1 kg 1 Corrugated box 56 g. pack. Single package: 4600528352825
PET bottle 4,3 kg 4 Corrugated box 24 pack. Single package: 4600528353587
Oilcan 9,1 kg 1 Without corrugated box 45 pack. Single package: 4600528354492

*for products packaged for НМЖК


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