ASTORIA «Provansal N» 40% mayonnaise sauce

General Purpose

Medium-calorie mayonnaise sauce with a mass fraction of fat of 40% is a quality product at the best price. It complies with the requirements of GOST 31761-2012.


  • It is comparable to high-fat mayonnaise in taste;
  • Mayonnaise can be used as the basis for marinade due to medium-thick consistency;
  • It mixes well with other products when preparing salad dressings;
  • Evenly envelops salad ingredients.

Shelf life and storage conditions: from 0°С to +6°С — 120 days, from +6°С to +18°С — 90 days, higher than +10°С to +18°С — 30 days.

Nutrition value of  100 gr of the product: fats — 40g.

Energy value: 1575 kJ/376 kcal.

Water, sunflower oil, thickener - modified corn starch, acidity regulator - vinegar, salt, dry egg yolk, thickeners (xanthan gum and guar gum), preservatives (sorbic acid, E385), "Mustard" flavor, sweeteners (E950, E951) , beta-carotene colorants(E160a).


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