Food ingredients

Food Ingredients business unit provides specialty and non-specialty margarines and fats, emulcifiers and other surfacants, cocoa, peanuts and other ingredients.


We produce a wide range of margarines for the baking and the confectionary industries, both specialty and non-specialty. Specialty margarines are among the top performers with many industry awards to vouch for that. Specialty margarines include margarines for puff pastry, margarines for sandy pastry andmargarines for creams. Each margarine posesses a unique set of characteristics that make it particularly suitable for each particular case.


Among the vegetable oil-based fats that are offered by NMGK, there are specialty and non-specialty fats. Specalty fats include milk fat replacers (MFRs), cocoa butter replacers and equivalents (CBRs and CBE), fats for wafer fillings, baking fats, frying fats, boullion cube fats, and multi-purpose fats.

Spreadable oils

High-quality spreadable oils that taste great and are equallygod for cooking, baking, and making sandwiches with.


NMGK surfacants for the food industry include whipping paste, monoglycerides, defoamers, baking improver, emlcifiers

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