Mayonnaise is classic and universal sauce that matches almost any dish.
Tasty sauce will turn an ordinary dish into a real culinary masterpiece, everyone will find the sauce to taste among the variety of "Astoria” sauces.
Ketchup is a sauce, created primarily for meat. The taste of ripe tomatoes and spicy herbs will emphasize the natural flavor and taste of meat dishes.
Our tomato paste is made in Italy. It is a multifunctional product made from ripe tomatoes.
Margarine is a high-quality fat product based on vegetable oils, which is used for the production of confectionery and bakery products, frying, stewing and sandwiches.
Rendered mixture is a universal product that is perfectly suitable for frying, stewing, baking and adding to ready dishes.
Spread is a product based on high quality vegetable oils, which is characterized by easy digestibility and low cholesterol content.
Roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts.
Coconut oil contains nutrients and vitamins important for health, it serves as direct source of energy, helps metabolism.



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