“New Year is where Sdobri is!” advertising campaign is launched

27 December 2017

                    “New Year is where Sdobri is!” advertising campaign is launched

In December 2017, a new New Year advertising campaign of "Sdobri" brand is broadcasted. New Year's greetings " New Year where Sdobri is" can be seen on regional TV, in the Internet and social networks, as well as outdoors. "Sdobri" brand gets the whole family together at the same table, which is especially important during New Year holidays, which we traditionally spend with our closest and dearest people.

Moreover there will be entertainment areas with photo booths in Nizhny Novgorod (MEGA Fedyakovo) and Samara (MEGA Moskovskoye shosse) to support this brand. You can make there a bright picture with New Year symbols for free and receive a booklet with best recipies from Sdobri.

"Sdobri" brand is the largest regional brand in the category of mayonnaises with strong positions in Arkhangelsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Samara regions, Perm Krai, the republics of Chuvashia, Mordovia and Mari El. "Sdobri" mayonnaise is a traditional "Provansal" mayonnaise, which is produced according to strict quality standards since 1953. “Sdobri” mayonnaises are produced only from natural ingredients with invariably high quality.


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