Astoria cheese sauce — now in XXL format!

29 December 2017

                    Astoria cheese sauce — now in XXL format!

The group of companies "NMGK" announces the launch of new products in the range of mayonnaise sauces Astoria - "Cheese" sauce in XXL format.

Russia's most popular sauce, Cheese sauce, will now be available in three packaging options for any occasion - dip pot 25g, traditional doy-pack 233 g and a new, large and economic package of 400 ml. A new package of XXL format is suitable for a large family, for a party in the company of friends, or family holiday table - or just for everyone who loves cheese sauce A LOT! It is convenient to take a large package with you to a picnic or buy for a family: the sauce will last for a long time, and there is no need to worry that the beloved Cheese sauce will quickly end. Moreover, a large package is always a good buy!

Astoria brand has been leading the market in the segment of mayonnaise sauces for more than five years, it is significantly ahead of competitors and it determines the development of the category, and Astoria brand cheese sauce is the most popular in Russia (according to the audit of retail trade). "XXL-pack is a novelty not only for Astoria, but for the category as a whole.

Astoria brand is a leader and one of the main innovators of the market. We are confident that the buyer will be comfortable with the new format: in many categories of FMCG we see the appearance of large, economic packs. The sauces market is growing year by year, more people include sauces in their daily diet, the category is developing, and the appearance of new package format for a large family, picnic or party is a logical step, - says Natalya Vlasova, B2C marketing director.

New XXL pack of Astoria Cheese sauce appeared in retail chains in Russia in December.


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