Sandwich sauce — new product in Astoria range

29 December 2017

                    Sandwich sauce — new product in Astoria range

A unique new product - Sandwich Sauce, created specifically for sandwiches and snacks preparation appeared in December in Astoria sauce range.

"Nowadays more and more people cook “complicated” sandwiches, today sandwiches, smorrebrods, burgers, canapes and tartlets are not boring alternative to home-made food, but real culinary art. We created sandwich sauce, which has no equivalents on the market, especially for delicious snacks and sandwiches", says Natalya Vlasova, B2C Marketing Director.

Astoria Sandwich sauce is a spicy mayonnaise sauce that combines the ingredients of the dish and brings a bright spicy note. Sandwich sauce will make the taste of your favorite home sandwiches and snacks richer and more intense due to spicy aroma "with smoke" and spicy notes of garlic, parsley, coriander and onions.

Since January consumers will be able to find Astoria Sandwich Sauce on the shelves of retail stores and chains.


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