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Benefits of working with GK NMGK

Achieve success with us!

The group of companies "NMGK" offers a wide range of ingredients for your production: specialized and non-specialized margarines and fats, emulsifiers, cocoa powder, peanuts and much more.


Why is it benefitial to cooperate with GC "NMGK"?

  • The product range of NMGK includes more than 150 products developed in R&D centers in Russia, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Guaranteed high quality of products, controlled at all production stages
  • Flexible pricing policy and the possibility of long-term contracting
  • A wide distribution network for goods on the territory of Russia and CIS
  • Well-established logistics system
  • Efficienttechnological support for your production
  • Innovativeideas for the development of your business

Process support


GC "NMGK" provides its customers free consultations of professional process engineers on any specific issues. In addition, you can always request:
Field workshops. NMGK process engineers will conduct a workshop on the topic of interest to you in your company.
Finalization of recipe for process conditions of your production for optimum work on your production line.
Development of individual fat-and-oil products..
Ready-made recipes for various confectionery products.
Innovative solutions for optimization of production processes in your company.
Possibility of preliminary testing of selected ingredient on your equipment.

Value of a healthy lifestyle

We care about the health of your customers. Currently, Development and implementation center of GC "NMGK" developed CLEAN LABEL margarines, which have no equivalents in Russia. These products consist only of three ingredients: deodorized refined vegetable oil, water and natural flavor. They do not contain hydrogenated fats, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, colorants, antioxidants and preservatives, salt, sugar. This allows producers of bakery and confectionery products to put minimum content of E-codes on the package of their products and position their products in "Healthy Nutrition" trend.

We offer our customers Margarine for baking Z020 for the production of any bakery products, flour confectionery (sweet, sugar, choux cookies, pastry, cakes, etc.). It has high aerating properties during whipping, which ensures the production of flour confectionery products that meet the requirements of GOST 24901-89 "Buscuits. General specifications."Margarine for baking Z020 - silver medalist of the contest "Ingredient of the year 2015".

We recommend Margarine for puff pastry Z025 for the production of yeast and non-yeast puff pastry, puff products - croissants, crescent roll, palmier, vol-au-vent, pies, cakes. It has a plastic consistency, which makes it possible to produce puff products without losses and scrapping of semi-finished products, it ensures the production of high-quality puff products, with high rise and clearly pronounced thin layers. Margarine for puff pastry Z025 - gold medalist of the contest "Ingredient of the year 2015"..

We offer a range of margarines with reduced level of fat content for manufacturers who produce confectionery products with low fat content. These products allow you to reduce the percentage of calories of finished products, preserving the ideal structure and taste qualities that are provided with classic specialized margarines MARGO.


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