In the range of products of the group of companies "NMGK" you will find convenient and profitable solutions for HoReCa: both specialized products for catering industry and soap products: liquid soap "Dushistoye oblako" in 5 l packages, with strawberry and forest berries, lemon and lemon balm aromas. There is also hotel bar toilet soap in NMGK line for HoReCa.

Thick liquid soap «Dushistoye oblako» «Zemlyanika i lesnye yagody» in a big package of 5 l.
«Dushistoye oblako» «Limon I melissa» liquid soap in 5 l package — a profitable choice for cafes and restaurants.
Toilet soap with the weight of 17 g (unpacked) for the use in hotels and hostels.


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