We, group of companies "NMGK" care for our relations with our partners - producers of agricultural products and we are always open to new opportunities for interaction. Our goal is a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with regional producers of grains and oilseeds.

Advantages of cooperation with "NMGK"

  • Stability: If you cooperate with us, you choose reliable, proven partners. The guarantee of this is the history of purchasing growth of the Group, the success of GK “NMGK” products in the market and our aim to establish long-term relationships with raw materials suppliers;
  • Honesty in the receipt of agricultural products: automated control systems, modern equipment allows us to accurately and objectively determine the quantity and quality of raw materials;
  • Quality of acceptance, storage, handling and shipment services: we are constantly improving material and technical base of plant facilities, and we also closely monitor the quality of operations at all the stages.
  • Efficiency: We understand the importance of well-coordinated fast work in the height of the season - that's why we tend to promptly accept and pay for raw materials;
  • Flexibility:   we tend to maintain good-neighborly relationships with the suppliers. Therefore, we are always ready for discussions and resolutions of various issues and problems. If you have questions about selling of raw materials and elevator services, please contact the head of the facility in your region.


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