Social responsibility

Natural Food for Healthy Eating

The group of companies actively participates in the life of the society – they are people with whom and for whom we work. We create natural, healthy and affordable food products and quality products for personal care - soap, wet wipes, shampoos.

We are trying to solve the problems of our buyer - whether it is something unusual for dinner, natural and useful product for a healthy eating or safe care for babies. We are constantly developing, we analyze the market and offer solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable.

Nowadays the development is not only "more", but also "better": fundamentally new products, effective business processes and new technologies that move business and economy of the country forward are needed. Therefore, search, development and implementation of innovations is the most important principle of our work. We are proud of new products for a healthy and happy life that we created.

NMGK for employees

Our responsibility as a large company and system-forming enterprise is the responsibility of the taxpayer and the employer. Our enterprises are several thousand jobs in various regions of the country: both in the regions where the processing enterprises of the Group are located and in agricultural regions that produce fat-and-oil raw materials


The company constantly improves the practice of working with the personnel, listens to the union and complies with all the norms of labor legislation. We strictly follow the observance of all labor protection measures at the enterprises of the group, we invest in the improvement of working conditions of the employees, we conduct systematic training in safety engineering skills. Our employees participate in training programs, improvement of professional skill and courses. Education opportunities are available for production employees, managers, territorial representatives and employees of branches and production sites of GC "NMGK".


There are social benefits prescribed in the collective agreement for the employees: for children of the employees - subsidized vouchers for summer camps and sanatoriums, New Year gifts, sports festivals for first-graders. There is first aid facility, organization of collective trips to spend time outdoors, tourist and pilgrimage trips, targeted aid, gifts for anniversaries and memorable dates and other for the employees.

Environmental protection


The group of companies NMGK has systematic approach for the reduction of the impact of its production on the environment. We implement a number of projects in the following areas:

  • Modernization of existing production sites
  • Study of best international practices in environmental protection
  • Cooperation with territorial authorities in the development of new regulatory documents
  • Implementation of advanced environmental standards in the production facilities under construction and erection of best foreign and Russian equipment, which minimizes our impact on the environment.

The Group tries to take into account world environmental standards when purchasing the equipment, modernizing production facilities and building new sites. For example, we used process solutions to ensure the compliance with environmental requirements that meet modern world standards in terms of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere and in wastewater treatment through the recirculated water supply system during the design and construction of modern oil crushing plant in Sorochinsk. The combination of advanced technologies of Europa Crown (Great Britain), CPN (Netherlands), VYNCKE (Belgium), BERTH (Germany) with additional equipment of leading Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers is a guarantee of this. This oil crushing plant is a non-waste enterprise with a full cycle of processing of raw materials.



GC "NMGK" is actively implementing charity projects, the company is the winner of charity award "Nizhegorodsky feniks" in the nomination "Company of Goodwill".

NMGC assists public and religious organizations, residential care facilities and schools, including:

  • Center for helping children and families in difficult life situations "Being a Mom"
  • The Social and Rehabilitation Center for underage "Vera"
  • Public organization of wheelchair users "Alians"
  • Charitable Foundation "Reto Nadezhda"
  • Special (corrective) boarding school №39
  • Nizhny Novgorod boarding school for deaf children
  • Dzerzhinsky Children's Home
  • State Educational Institution "Varnavin Children's Home"
  • State Educational Institution "Children's Home No. 5" in Nizhny Novgorod
  • Children's sanatorium "Gorodets"
  • Diveevo Monastery
  • Voznesensky Pechersky Convent
  • Holy Trinity-Makarievo-Zheltovodsky Monastery
  • Oransky Convent
  • Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary
  • Sviato-Uspenskaya Florischeva Pustyn Cobvent
  • Krestovozdvizhensky Monastery
  • Gorodetsky Feodorovsky Convent

We are glad that our employees also take part in charitable projects of GC "NMGK" - they collect money for one-time assistance to those in need.


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