We create absolutely new products and find unobvious process solutions to offer you vivid tastes, products from natural ingredients, pleasure of choice. Innovation and process development service of Group of Companies "NMGK" is considered one of the best in Russian oil and fat industry.

Innovations for healthy nutrition

All over the world consumers chose natural products and healthy nutrition. We are developing this trend in the range of natural products, products with reduced fat content and products that without trans-isomers.

Ryaba_2015_700.png We created a range of 100% natural mayonnaises "Ryaba" without starch, artificial flavors and preservatives. Products under "Ryaba" brand repeatedly became winners of most important expert and consumer competitions: "People's Brand", "One hundred best goods in Russia", "Innovative product".

For those who take care about the figure, a special line of "light" mayonnaises with reduced fat content and calories was developed. "Ryaba" "Legky" mayonnaise won the program "Control Purchase" in light mayonnaises category in 2014. It also became the winner of independent expertise "Roskontrol" in 2014.

Healthy eating issues are reflected in the content of trans-isomers of fatty acids - "harmful" fats in food, they are controlled. We developed the range of unique functional trans-free margarines "MARGO" - with the content of trans-fats less than 1% for the bakery and confectionery industry.

Group of Companies "NMGK" won "Healthy Nutrition" award in the nomination "Best manufacturing company in fat and oil industry" in 2013. Our company won again this award in 2014, as well as the award in the nomination "Best trade mark in fat and oil industry", confirming its competence in healthy nutrition.

Taste without fuss and bother

Nowadays one more request of modern society is diverse and tasty food, the preparation of which does not require much time. "Astoria" sauces created by us with an original recipe and a wide assortment range of tastes are always in demand among gourmets to easily diversify home-made food. The most popular tastes are "Cheese", "Carbonara", "Bolognese", "Nut", "Sour cream with mushrooms".

Moreover, we create new products in the category of mayonnaises. Our new product, "Smetanny" mayonnaise, actually created a new niche in the market. The combination of soft taste of sour cream and mayonnaise in a unique recipe makes "Smetanny" the ideal sauce for potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage rolls, dumplings and soups.


Smart Food Ingredients

Nowadays food industry technology has advanced a lot. Ordinary margarine is not enough - our partners are looking for multifunctional ingredients that have certain specifications and perform several functions: they add fluff and aroma, reduce the consumption of other ingredients, extend the shelf life of the product, and perfectly match with the specific equipment of our partners.

2013_2014_Ingredients.pngWe develop specialized margarines and fats with different functionality - for creams, short, puff pastry, milk fat substitutes and cocoa butter for food industry. Moreover, we create food ingredients according to the specific requirements of a specific customer, a unique product for the needs of specific production, developed in the shortest possible time - up to two weeks.

Many food ingredients created by GC "NMGK" process engineers are awarded with gold medals at the industry competition "Ingredient of the Year" in the nomination "Innovative Product: Production".


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