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Millions of people in Russia and all over the world buy NMGK Group of Companies products every day. Sauces and mayonnaise, snacks, margarines and spreads, confitures, toilet and laundry soap are among them. Key brands of the company are “Ryaba” mayonnaise, “Astoria” sauces and ketchups, “Hoziayushka” margarines, and “Moy malysh” baby soap.

We appreciate simple joys in everyday life and create products that make these moments even more pleasant. Taste of homemade dishes becomes brighter with our sauces and mayonnaise. Margarines are the success of Sunday cakes. "Stepanovna" roasted sunflower seeds is a great choice for a group of friends. And childcare can be safely entrusted to our baby soap.

NMGK Products is the choice of a modern consumer who appreciates natural taste and cares about his or her health. Our food and cosmetic products are based on natural raw materials, which passes through several stages of strict quality control. That is why you can be confident in high quality and safety of our products.

Holding company structure

“NMGK” Group of Companies is a vertically integrated holding company consisting of two oil and fat processing plants in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara, oil crushing plants in Uryupinsk and Sorochinsk, and elevators in the Volgograd, Orenburg, Samara, Saratov regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Group enterprises form a full production cycle, providing the company processing facilities with raw materials, the quality of which is controlled at all production stages: from sunflower seeds to finished goods warehouses and stores.

“NMGK” Group of Companies management

Executive Partner,
Chairman of Board of Directors
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Member of Board of Directors

“NMGK” Group of Companies in figures

More than 3500 Group of Companies total number of employees
1 place in the Russian market
of packaged margarines
1 place in the Russian
market of sauces
More than 30 new product launches annually

NMGK launches up to 30 new products annually, creating natural and unusual products. The most important philosophy of our work is the search, development and implementation of innovations as a response to current and future requests of our customers, partners and society.


Quality and standards

NMGK takes an uncompromising stance in terms of quality and safety of products, production processes and raw materials used. Certification of international level according to GOST R ISO 9001 and HACCP confirms high standards of the entire holding company.


About_CSR_500.jpg Social responsibility

NMGK actively participates in public life - people with and for whom we work. It is important for us to be in contact with our customers, employees and society. Learn more about NMGK role in corporate social responsibility.


Назад Вперед
GK "NMGK" is the winner of the award in the area of charity " Nizhegorodsky feniks " in the nomination "Company of Goodwill". The award is organized by the Nizhny Novgorod Volunteer Service.
In 2013 GK "NMGK" received "Healthy eating" award in the nomination "The best manufacturer in fat-and-oil industry".
Nizhny Novgorod industry award was given to GK "NMGK" for mastering the production technology of "Liquid margarine" production.
Liquid margarine L627 and margarine for baking Z020 without trans fats won gold medals at the competition "Ingredient of the Year".
In 2013  "Ryaba" mayonnaise won the competition "Brand No. 1 in Russia" in "Mayonnaises" category.
“Kremlevskoye” spread is the award winner of  “Product of the year” in “spreads” category.
In 2014 GK "NMGK" received awards in two nominations: "The best company in fat-and-oil industry" and "The best trade mark in fat-and-oil industry".
Mayonnaise "Ryaba" "Legky" became the winner of the program “Kontrolnaya zakupka” on Channel One, dedicated to "light" mayonnaise.
Gold (Margarine for short pastry M222) and three silver medals (M314, M560, M522) were received at the competition "Ingredient of the Year" at the exhibition "Food Ingredients, Additives and Spices".
Sauces "Astoria", spread "Kremlevskoye" and margarine "Khozyayushka" received "Product of the Year" award.
In 2014 “Kremlevskoye” brand won the competition “People’s brand” in "spreads" category.
Margarine for puff pastry Z025 received a gold medal, margarine for bakery Z020 in the nomination "Innovative product: development".

Liquid fat for deep frying K800 (V) received a gold medal in the nomination "Innovative product: production".
Gold award for “Astoria” “Orekhovy” sauce at the specialized competition "World of sauces and oils" within the exhibition "Food World"
Gold award for "Klassichesky Provensal" “Kak ranshe” “Sdobri” mayonnaise at the specialized competition "World of sauces and oils" within the exhibition "Food World"
Gold medal for “Smetanny Provansal” “Ryaba” at the exhibition World Food Moscow 2015
Gold medal for “Parmezan” “Astoria” at the exhibition World Food Moscow 2015
Gold medal at the all-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Zolotaya Osen - 2015" for “Smetanny” “Ryaba” mayonnaise
Gold medal at the all-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Zolotaya Osen - 2015" for “Klassichesky Provansal” “Kak ranshe” “Sdobri” mayonnaise
Gold medal at the all-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Zolotaya Osen - 2015" for “Parmezan” “Astoria” mayonnaise sause
Gold medal at the all-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Zolotaya Osen - 2015" for roasted sunflower seeds “Stepanovna”
Gold medal at the all-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Zolotaya Osen - 2015" for coconut oil Delicato
“Kremliovskoye” spreads won the competition for the "Product of the Year" award for the fourth time.
"Astoria" sauces received the "Product of the Year" award star. The product becomes the winner of the award for the second consecutive year.
In 2015 “Ryaba” mayonnaise won the competition “Brand No.1 in Russia” for the third consecutive time in the category "Mayonnaises".
“Ryaba” “Provansal” mayonnaise became one of the first 12 products that received Russian “Quality mark”
“Stolovy” margarine without palm oil М720 won the silver medal in the nomination “Innovative product: development”
Margarine for creams without Е-codes Z018 won the silver medal in the nomination “Innovative product: development”
Public recognition award in the field of charity and volunteering «Nizhegorodsky Feniks»
"Zhivoy Provansal" Mayonnaise "Ryaba" won the international award "Innovative Product of the Year - 2016"

Oilseeds and Grain Operations

NMGKis a vertically integrated corporate group that unites oilseed and grain elevators, oil extraction facilities, processing and distribution. Vertically integrated business model is what allows NMGK to control the quality of our raw resources and select only the best sunflower seeds to become high-quality sunflower oil.

The Oilseeds and Grain Opertaion Department is a unique business structure within the Group, which deals with oilseeds procurement, conditioning, and oil extraction, as well as sales and distribution of the products: sunflower oil and sunflower meal.

To learn more about our products, contact us at iug@nmgk.ru.

Business Locations

The Oilseeds and Grain Operations business unit coordinates the functioning of eight purchasing facilities and three oil-extraction facilities, that form two agricultural clusters in the south and the east of the sunflower-producing regions of Russia. The NMGK Group purchasing facilities (oilseed and grain elevators) and the extraction facilities (oil-extracting factories) are located in the Volga and the Southern federal districts of Russia.

Among the oil-extraction factories, the Sorochinsk facility stands out. Started up in 2015, the factory is among the most modern oil-extraction facilities in the country, also possessing one of the highest capacities in the industry. The combined production capacity of the two NMGK oil-extraction factories exceeds 700 000 tons yearly.

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NMGK Groups integrates eight grain elevators in the sunflower-producing regions of Russia. We develop long-term relationships with farmers and secure high-quality oilseeds.
  • Uryupinsk grain elevator
  • Ermolaevo grain elevator
  • Borskoe grain elevator
  • Bolshaya Glushitsa grain elevator
  • Pestravka grain elevator
  • Sorochinsk grain elevator
  • Balashov grain elevator
  • Ekaterinovka grain elevator
At oil extraction facilities in Orenburg, Sorochinsk and Uryupinsk we produce sunflower oil, whch is the primary raw material for NMGK consumer foods.
  • Uryupinsk crushing plant
  • Sorochinsk crushing plant
Consumer foods, beauty products and food ingredients are produced at NMGK factories in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.
  • Nizhny Novgorod oils-and-fats factory
NMGK sales and marketing offices are located in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  • NMGK trading company
  • NMGK trading company Moscow
  • NMGK trading company Saint Petersburg





The revenue of JSC “NMGK” for 2015 from all types of activities performed amounted 17 761 751 000 rubles.

The total amount of revenue from regulated type of activities carried out by the organization (electric power transmission and heat generation) for 2015 related to the activity of natural monopolies amounted 3 576 260.31 rubles.

The share of revenue from regulated type of activities in the total amount of revenue from all activities amounted 0.020%.

The Russian Federation, constituents of the Russian Federation and municipalities are not the founders of JSC "NMGK".


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