About NMGK Group

NMGK Group is one of the leading vegetable oil and fat product manufacturers in Russia and the CIS. We specialize in sunflower oil and meal production, consumer foods, food ingredients, and soap and beauty products. We use natural ingredients to create products that make our customers’ everyday lives easier and overall more enjoyable.

We are a vertically integrated corporate group with companies forming a full production cycle. From grain elevators to sales and distribution, we make sure the raw materials and the end products meet our strong quality standards. The Group integrates 14 production facilities in eight regions of Russia:

  • Production and oil processing in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.
  • Sunflower oil production in Uryupinsk, Orenburg and Sorochinsk.
  • Grain and oilseed elevators in Southern regions of Russia
Our customers are savvy shoppers that look for products that deliver both highest quality ang great value. They take good care of their health and expect natural ingredients and rich flavors that are a surprise to the palate. We offer that, and more: all-natural innovative products that look and taste fantastic, innovative solutions for the food industry, and smart beauty products:

  • Consumer foods. Mayonnaise, ketchups and sauces, margarines, vegetable oil spreads, snacks and marmalades.
  • Food ingredients. Specialized and non-speialized margarines and shortenings, emulcifiers, and much more.
  • HoReCa solutions. Customized mayonnaise, sauces, ketchups and other ingredients for cafes and restaurants.
  • Soap and beauty products. Natural toilet and laundry soap, baby soap, liquid soap, shampoos, and wet wipes.
  • Sunflower oil and meal. We process sunflower oilseeds at our own extraction facility and make sure our oil meets high quality standards.
For more information, contact us at nmgk@nmgk.ru.


in packaged margarines sales
in Russia
in cold sauces sales
in Russia
new products launched yearly
26 000 tons
soap production
600 000 tons
total production yearly
in packaged spreadable oil sales 
in Russia
276 000 tons
sunflower oil and meal production

Research and development

DSC_0994_500px.jpgAt NMGK, we strive to offer our customerproducts that answer her specific needs, be it a new flavor for the habitual pasta, hypoalleregic all-natural soap for your child, or smart solutions for the baking industry. We exceed at innovation because we believe that the best way to win and keep our clients is to answer their current and upcoming needs.

Healthy choices made easier

Globally, customers choose for natural ingredients and healthier foods. We support and develop this trend in a range of all-natural, low-fat, and trans-free products. We have created Ryaba, all-natural mayos free from artificial flavors, conservatives and stiffeners. For the calorie-conscious we have developed light mayos with low fat and calorie content.

Special focus on the health issues has led us to regulate trans-fat content in our products. For the baking and the confectionary industry we have developed functional margarines MARGO with less than 1% trans-fat content.

Trouble-free cooking

Our customers are modern city dwellers that love to eat fresh and natural but do not want to spend their lives cooking. We have created all-natural Astoria sauces that offer a wide range of flavours to spice up daily meals: from all-time favorites such as Cheese Sauce and Garlic Sauce to less-known great finds such as Blue Cheese Sauce, Crème Fraiche Mushroom Sauce and Sesame Sauce.


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NMGK Groups integrates eight grain elevators in the sunflower-producing regions of Russia. We develop long-term relationships with farmers and secure high-quality oilseeds.
  • Uryupinsk grain elevator
  • Ermolaevo grain elevator
  • Borskoe grain elevator
  • Bolshaya Glushitsa grain elevator
  • Pestravka grain elevator
  • Sorochinsk grain elevator
  • Balashov grain elevator
  • Ekaterinovka grain elevator
At oil extraction facilities in Orenburg, Sorochinsk and Uryupinsk we produce sunflower oil, whch is the primary raw material for NMGK consumer foods.
  • Uryupinsk crushing plant
  • Sorochinsk crushing plant
Consumer foods, beauty products and food ingredients are produced at NMGK factories in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.
  • Nizhny Novgorod oils-and-fats factory
  • Samara oils-and-fats factory
NMGK sales and marketing offices are located in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
  • NMGK trading company
  • NMGK trading company Moscow
  • NMGK trading company Saint Petersburg

A Century of Expertise in Vegetable Oils

We celebrate over 100 years of experience in processing vegetable oils. In 1898, a wealthy Moscow-based merchant establishes a factory in Nizhny Novgorod to produce burning oil, to be used in lamps. Throughout the 20th century the factory has persisted, evolving into a large full-cycle industrial complex in the early 50s.


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